Real estate Technology

3 Key Takeaways from Real Estate Technology Conference 2022

The tenant experience is front and center when it comes to real estate technology.

Every year, RETCON addresses the future of real estate. This year, real estate owners, operators and developers gathered to facilitate technology adoption & innovation. Three key themes were addressed throughout several conference talks.

1. Be Proactive about Technology Integration

Proptech continues to tiptoe around a major issue: How do companies deliver proptech that is outcome and use-case driven, so that they avoid reactive, non-controlled rollouts? To be proactive, it is necessary to define a purpose-built technology strategy. Therefore, companies must create a comprehensive decision-making model and measure specific outcomes.

2. Prioritize the Value of Technology Solutions

Companies must be more efficient when leveraging data from the built environment. It is not a question whether building analytics can help us to better understand how and in what frequency occupants interact with proptech, building facilities, and service. The big question is how do we make sense of the insights and use them to inform decisions about future investments and design decisions. Effective real estate companies close the learning cycle, by moving from descriptive to predictive data, and creating insight and foresight that optimize our buildings continuously.

3. Optimize the Tenant Experience

Tenants need to come first.  The built environment must be created with the end users in mind. Previously, technology integration was an “add-on,” but now tenants are recognizing the value. Optimization of proptech is a must have in order to elevate people’s experience with the built environment and for real estate professionals to stay ahead of the curve.

We at ReWyre are even more excited about our approach to real estate technology and the partnership between the real estate owners with their technology providers. We are committed to delivering the best customized solutions and will continue to update our products and services. Please continue to read our blogs and sign up for our newsletter for all things proptech.