Building management

A Better Way to Manage Your Buildings

Switch PlatformA single platform to manage, control, and analyze your large portfolio

Do you wish there was an easier way to manage your property? Wouldn’t it be nice to receive useful information and the correct tools to manage your buildings all from one place?

Here is an example…

Suppose the indoor air quality stats of your properties rooms are a concern. Things like carbon dioxide, humidity, and particulate matter levels can be read by an intelligent system that is integrated into your building to help you understand the levels that are registering.

The air quality is by no means poor, but can be elevated from time to time. Based on the data collected by a system, your building managers can set up a fresh air mechanism to optimize the air quality, all the while ensuring your properties are energy efficient.

Our partner, Switch Automation, has a variety of solutions that can provide you with this information and help managers and owners to optimize the way they control and manage their buildings. Ultimately, keeping tenants happy and comfortable.

Switch Automation is a data platform that scans information from your building’s operations and equipment. With this data, you can improve in many key areas. These realms include energy saving, operation cost reduction, optimizing efficiency, and meeting goals related to sustainability. The platform is especially created for clients who have large portfolios, that have data disorganized and scattered in different places and systems.

While using Switch Automation, you will find out about building issues, while also receiving confirmation once they are fixed. One of the great features of the platform is being able to access data that is necessary for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and other environmental reports. With these reports, you can strategize future measures taken to optimize the way you can reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions and energy usage, as well as costs. With real-time building data all in one place, making comprehensive choices regarding operations are super easy.

Plus, the platform can create an audit that reports on your property's general digital readiness. Digital readiness can be things like network integrity, availability of systems, as well as general connectivity.

Also, advanced analytics can be applied to your IoT framework, which would automate the operations of your building. This is made easy with scores, summaries, diagrams, and many other tools being presented to you with the Switch Rx functionality. Ultimately, making building management seamless and optimized.

ReWyre partners up with companies like Switch Automation, to provide the best proptech for your projects. This is the proptech platform for you to discover, procure, and optimize the right proptech for all of your projects.

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