Richard Chera ReWyre

A Note From Our Founder

ReWyre is the smarter way to discover, procure, and optimize innovative proptech all in one place.

A few years ago, I became overwhelmed when my team and I needed to procure proptech for multiple development projects. It was this feeling that pushed me to search for a streamlined process to no avail, hence the reason why we started ReWyre.

ReWyre exists for one purpose; to help developers and their professionals research and buy the best tech for their projects. We are ReWyre-ing how people procure proptech as it’s becoming very clear that we are moving from analog to digital in the real estate industry. Adding digitization and sustainable technology delivers positive social and financial results to every one of my projects.

I felt the industry was slow to adapt and embrace digitization. ReWyre removes any hurdles developers had for making sustainable choices. In generations past, stock buildings were hastily built without much thought to sustainability. Compare that to today, where businesses' core values must always consider the environmental impact of their developments.

There is no room for excuses now that the latest in connected and compatible technology procurement is at your fingertips with ReWyre. We are proud to be at the forefront of the transition to a smarter and more sustainable future.

-Richard Chera