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A Smart Building Operating System for Your Property - Nantum OS

Nantum OS provides a smart and secure cloud-based building operating system that makes property management easy and efficient

Overseeing all your buildings operations can be an overwhelming task to undertake. Do you find yourself needing an intelligent platform for all your operational technologies?

Nantum OS by prescriptive data allows you to manage things like energy and carbon emissions, HVAC systems, team resources, indoor elements such as air, lighting and glass, as well as cybersecurity.

The solution enables real estate operators and owners to seamlessly access all their building's data from one place. With Nantum OS, you can select which ontology is best suited for you to manage your building’s data. Whether that be Google digital buildings, Real Estate Core, or other intelligent platforms that are compatible with their software.

With Nantum OS, you can also connect meters and submeters from companies like Energy Star, TNE, Obvius, and other platforms. Receiving automated reporting, concurrent visualization, and outlier detection on significant utility data can then be used to gather key insights and drive improved strategic decision making.

Platforms such as Honeywell and Schneider Electric enable you to detect anomalies, exhibit command-control automation, and visualize BMS or BAS data. Nantum OS connects these types of building systems, allowing you to instantly understand when operations teams need to be sent to your buildings to provide assistance.

Nantum OS also helps you to elevate tenant experience by seamlessly managing indoor qualities, like as lighting and shade data, interior space temperature, tenant mobile apps, and wifi thermostats.

Nantum OS also has other features, including connecting third-party data platforms to get things like weather datasets and utility bills. You can even create a digital twin, with software like AWS IoT Twinmaker, Willow, and others.

A single glass pane to display all your portfolio data is what you need to make building management more efficient and help you save money. You can read more about Nantum OS here.

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