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A Smart Digital Shower System to Save Water & Money - iWater

A smart digital shower system that allows you to monitor, adjust, and save your water consumption when showering

Do you know how much water the average family in the US uses on a daily basis? The answer might shock you. It’s over 300 gallons of water a day per household, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. About 70% of this water usage occurs indoors. Thankfully, however, a smart water technology system can help minimize water waste, as well as save money.

Water conservation goes far beyond the individual household though. The Washington State Department of Health has stated that “depleting reservoirs and groundwater can put water supplies, human health, and the environment at serious risk. Lower water levels can contribute to higher concentrations of natural or human pollutants.” By saving water, we can not only minimize costs, but greatly help our environment too.

One of our great tech partners, iWater, has an innovative solution that helps you conserve water and energy using a simple app on your phone. iWater’s integrated smart water technology system monitors how much water is being consumed when carrying out daily activities like showering. It is able to keep track not only daily but on a weekly and monthly as well.

Based on your water consumption analysis, you can make smarter choices and minimize additional water expenditure. By reducing water consumption, you save water as well as energy. What's particularly great about the app is that you can keep track of exactly how much money you saved while doing so, so you can understand how changing certain habits can put more money back in your pocket.

The app also provides additional customizable features you can set up to have the best shower experience for both you and the planet. You can establish ideal temperatures and select your own water flow. You will also receive notifications and alerts if your shower is experiencing any problems. With iWater, you can create a truly automated shower system, learn about water usage, and save on energy, water, and money.

Lastly, iWater is very simple to install. There is no need to tear down any walls or devices. Household tools will do the trick! The device easily connects with your smartphone using either wifi or bluetooth.

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