advanced video security system avigilon

An Advanced Video Security System by Avigilon

Avigilon's video security system contains many advanced features that keep people and property safe

Does your building need protection? Now more than ever, properties need to ensure security measures to shelter their visitors, tenants, and property. One great addition for surveillance and protection would be an advanced video security system.

Although, not every video security system is the same. Some are simply more capable than others. Others contain numerous features, utilizing technology that will keep your people and property safe and sound.

Our real estate tech partner, Avigilon, provides amazing video security, access control, and cloud solutions that display accurate and real-time information, so you can take proper measures in crucial and potentially dangerous situations.

Avigilon features contain several prominent and helpful security aspects, such as AI & video analytics, video security, access control, and cloud services.

Avigilon’s AI and video analytics are extensive and highly useful for dire events. Attributes like appearance search enable you to quickly discover what you are looking for over tons of video recordings. While the facial recognition tool identifies suspects in a matter of seconds, which speeds up the response process.

Also, the video security system is able to detect license plate information, and will actually immediately link it to the recording. Furthermore, Avigilon detects both unusual activity and motion, which sheds light on suspicious events and activities that could have been neglected and looked over.

Avigilon’s AI includes next-generation video analytics, its deep learning algorithms are coded to ultimately alter the way we monitor video. Unique and modern features like focus of attention, suggest new approaches to looking at the information on potential security situations.

The self-learning AI observes individuals’ and vehicles’ movement while disregarding other events and motion that is occurring in the event. Allowing more focused attention to critical details.

Linking your video security system to their cloud service will grant you safe and remote entry to video on both web or mobile software. Avigilion’s security video management software is very extensive and is the perfect solution for buildings that take their protection seriously.

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