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ButterflyMX: The Smarter Way to Video Access Control

Now more than ever smart home features are elevating the occupant experience

In 2022, smart home systems and devices are more impressive and all-encompassing than ever. Using a smart system is no longer limited to asking your device to tell you the weather or playing the newest song. Now, you can use smart devices to give door access to new visitors, turn the lights off in the living room while you're in the kitchen, or alert you when your package has arrived. Not only do your home devices provide convenience, but they can also tackle more serious tasks, such as acting as your home security system when you're out of town. In other words, they aren't used just for an elevated experience – they also fulfill some substantial needs.

Built with owners, staff, residents, and visitors in mind, ReWyre's tech partner, ButterflyMX, offers easy property management access solutions from your building's entryway throughout your entire property on a mission to revolutionize traditional apartment intercom systems through smart phone-based access control.

ButterflyMX is more than just an intercom. It is a complete property access solution providing a secure, convenient, and affordable way to make and grant access on the go. The all-in-one app integrates with other cloud-based systems, and its robust property management dashboard is all designed to make property access into and throughout your building accessible without building wiring or in-unit hardware. Property managers get added security and convenience while developers and owners eliminate unnecessary installation costs.

The property management system requires only internet and power and can be installed over existing systems. Know exactly who is entering your building without having to be near through video calling. Easily edit and manage visitor access permission and provide temporary door access through QR codes and delivery PINs, remotely letting friends, family, and service workers in with ease. Have a sense of reassurance and control with automatic updates and notifications every time a virtual key or delivery pin is used. Access control has never been so easy.

Our tech providers like ButterflyMX have the expertise to design & install various secured occupancy systems to meet the requirements of tenants and homeowners. Join our growing ecosystem by requesting a demo through rewyre.com and subscribe to our newsletter for all proptech news.