electric vehicle charging station

Expect More Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles need charging stations strategically placed to ensure that all roads are accessible

Detroit was once one of the car manufacturing centers in the United States. Our ReWyre channel partner Plug Zen is tapping into that energy to design, build, and distribute electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to make the world more sustainable.

Plug Zen is on a mission to change the world. They recognize that electric vehicles are humanity’s ticket to a world with less air pollution and less energy consuption. And they are focused on making cost-effective EV infrastructure for the huge influx of electric cars that will be driving on the streets in the near future. Their goal is to make driving electric accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy.

How are they accomplishing this? They have innovated EV charging kiosks that can charge up to ten vehicles at once, unlike traditional EV charging stations that can charge just one or two. This significantly reduces the cost of adding charging stations to buildings, stores, gas stations, and more because just one kiosk can accommodate so many cars. They also have great support from the government, that have enacted some new legislation around electric vehicles.

According to The White House, The Biden administration has set a goal for electric vehicles to make up 50 percent of car sales in 2030.  He also set $7.5 billion aside for EV charging infrastructure by passing the bipartisan infrastructure law. Part of this law allocates money to add EV charging stations to remote highway corridors that fill gaps in disadvantaged and rural areas. This funding helps to ease the concern of drivers that want to ensure access to charging stations in the same way gas stations have been generally accessible.

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