Energy efficiency

Conserving Energy is Easy With Wattwatchers

Energy use is monitored with Wattwatcher

The conservation of energy Is on everyone’s mind, as together we find ways to live more sustainably. Wattwatchers is a technology platform that helps businesses and households maximize renewable energy sources to become more energy efficient. We are excited to have them as a tech provider on the ReWyre platform.

Reducing “harmful and wasteful” energy consumption is the goal of Wattwatcher. They believe that the first step is monitoring the energy used in homes and businesses so that the data can give actionable steps to save more energy. For instance, if a homeowner notices a spike in energy use, they can adjust or upgrade their appliances, unplug electronic devices not in use, switch to more sustainable lightbulbs, etc. The user will be able to find out quickly where they can adjust to reduce their use.

Monitoring the electricity is done via the Wattwatcher device. One of their devices is called Auditor. It is a piece of hardware that is super-smart and ultra-compact. It can monitor multiple circuits at the same time. The software toolkit connects with dozens of energy partners and can be custom-built to fit any power configuration. Their ADEPT software tool is responsible for the digitization of distributed energy. ADEPT features include real-time performance analysis and tailor-made solutions, enabling users to create what will work best under their standards and regulatory requirements.

Finally, the Wattwatcher platform has been used successfully to monitor electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. The future of cars is electric, and EV charging stations are being placed worldwide to create the infrastructure for electric vehicles. Monitoring these energy charging stations will be a big part of proving their efficiency so we can all reap the benefits of mobility becoming more sustainable.

Smart connected buildings and homes are a significant step toward sustainable living. The more data we digitize, the better chance we have to adjust and correct energy usage. If you enjoyed this article, please follow our ReWyre blog and sign up for exclusive content via our newsletter.