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Defigo - A Flexible Door Access Control System for Your Buildings

A smart door access control system that will keep you and your occupants feeling protected and safe

Do you want to feel like you and your tenants are completely secure and safe within your building? With today’s chaotic ambiance, do you find it necessary to take your security levels up a notch?

By switching from traditional keys to a completely modernized door access control system, you can be certain your added layer of security will keep you and your occupants protected. Plus, it has other benefits that you can take advantage of!

Our wonderful proptech partner, Defigo, provides a modern and flexible access control system that supplies keyless access as well as a digital video intercom. How is this possible you may ask?

Well with Defigo, you are able to see who is at your doorstep. When a client makes it to your building, they will observe a modern touchscreen device that displays a list of contacts they are able to call. All they would have to do is press on your name and a video intercom will initiate. This allows you to see who is at your doorstep, giving you full control over their access.

Of course, you can grant building access to certain individuals. By downloading the Defigo app, they will get access to doors while also being able to let others in with just a touch of a button. Occupants may also enter buildings through an RFID tag when enabled through the administrator.

As the administrator, you are given an overview of all your access permissions throughout the entirety of your properties and users. This is all done through the Defigo web portal, where you can assign or dismiss access for any user. Along with, granting temporary access to people like cleaners and delivery people, who only need accessibility for a short period of time.

Not to mention, Defigo is quite the flexible access control system. This is because it’s able to work with any pre-installed infrastructure in the building. Meaning, it can work alongside chosen additional access control systems, and will integrate with them.

In terms of installation, it is simple to situate, as it only needs your properties electricity and two cables to operate. You will not have to worry about an antiquated system, as Defigo provides security and hardware updates and support in your monthly subscription. The system can operate with both wired and wireless internet. Defigo is a great option for those who need extra security in their buildings!

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