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EV Charging Stations & Fleet Management Solutions by Epic Charging

Epic Charging provides optimized and cost-effective EV charging stations and makes fleet management seamless

As time goes on, more people are choosing electric vehicles as their mode of transportation. Although, many individuals have their own reasons for not wanting to switch to EV’s. The thing is, technology is becoming better over the course of time and is offering a greater basis for changing to a more sustainable option.

For owners that have an electric vehicle fleet, charging can be made easy with our partner, Epic Charging, it's "the most cost-effective solution to manage your vehicles" according to their website.

With Epic Charging, you can view all current vehicles connected to the system. The software seamlessly displays useful information that will help you take control and initiative of your vehicle's electrical charging. Information like charging status, parking lot number, and charging percentage, are all displayed in a coherent chart for you.

Epic Charging gives you the power to remotely start or stop charging vehicles. This is very helpful, as it gives you the ability to avoid charging vehicles during peak hours. By charging during off-peak hours, you are preventing your local electricity provider from being overloaded, plus, you can actually save money by charging at these times.

Billing is done easily with Epic Charging, as it is done automatically. You won't have to waste time manually inputting the same information over and over again. You can lay back and relax as the system takes care of it for you. Not to mention, Epic Charging provides affordable hardware devices that can work with all types of vehicles, so you can choose the best one for you!

Ultimately, the mission of Epic Charging is to provide basic and beneficial solutions for electric vehicle consumers. Epic Charging is focused on grid adoption and transportation electrification. Electric vehicles are a sustainable solution that reduces the negative impact of carbon emissions on the planet, so why not consider switching?

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