HILO tenant experience app

HILO- Creating A Community in Your Building

Connecting everyone together with one easy to use app

When was the last time you felt a sense of community in your apartment building? Have you ever felt cared for by your building operators? More than likely, tenants and building operators alike feel a sense of disconnection from each other.

This sense of disconnection between these two parties makes living spaces feel unhappy and dull. When we talk about personal spaces, such as home and work environments, it's highly desirable to optimize these areas in order to create an engaging, rewarding, supporting, and most importantly happy environment.

Our partner, HILO has made this all possible.

HILO provides a Workplace Engagement Platform for our ever-evolving hybrid world. Its core purpose is to close the gap between building operators and tenants either at home, work, or any other place.

Their platform, the HILO app, includes many beneficial features. For starters, it allows both parties to communicate directly, whether remote or in person from any place. HILO’s My Building feature grants tenants knowledge and access to the building's amenities. Also, the platform makes its consumers feel rewarded and valued by providing exclusive offers from the building as well as other local businesses.

Ultimately, HILO’s network provides residents with all essential building technology features by also partnering up with leading software allies. With the HILO app, tenants are able to order food, search their community directory, and receive much-needed updates.

What building operators will find very useful, is checking out their establishment’s data analytics, so they can learn about their tenant's utilization and other statistics that will assist them in managing their assets more intelligently.

Interested? You would be happy to know that HILO makes it easy to implement their platform with building partners, and provides their extensive support, in aspects of marketing, engagement, and training, while offering profitable solutions.

Frankly, there is so much more to HILO that can benefit your building and living experience. If you would like to know more, make sure to visit the HILO website and request a demo to try it out for yourself!

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