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Intelligent Management Solution for your Smart Office Building

This office technology is perfect to manage your building effectively

Smart connected buildings attract more tenants and more talent. 4.5 million US employees quit in Jan 2022, up from 3.3 million in 2021, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. To combat the employee turnover rate, the leading companies and landlords are adding building technology to retain and grow their occupancies.

Property technology ranges from sensors, software, hardware, and tech that enables connectivity. ReWyre provides access to thousands of proptech solutions, including Sharry, an intelligent management solution for office buildings. Sharry can white label their software to look and feel custom to a building's brand. They offer mobile access, visitor management, and tenant engagement in one app.

The Sharry app was built with the premise that most people won’t download an app unless it’s used almost daily. Therefore, the Sharry app allows mobile access control just as a keycard on turnstiles, doors, elevators, parking, and printing. And users will also be able to access the tenant experience section for engaging content like lunch deals, room reservations, and in-house events and announcements.

Finally, Sharry has found a solution to the difficult task of visitor management. Now, through email, guests can register and receive an invitation with a guest pass that they may use to enter the building with a specific QR code. The host will receive a notification when the guest arrives, and the experience is scalable and seamless and provides a beautiful hospitality experience.

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