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Kitchen Renovation Made Easy with Skipp

Skipp Renovation is an optimized solution for kitchen renovation and remodeling

Do you have a dream kitchen design? Everyone has a vision of how they want their internal space to look. A kitchen renovation and upgrade seems like a project many would want to undertake, but they may not have the right resources to do so.

Skipp Renovation, our tech partner, believes “The rooms we live in should be the rooms we love”.

Skipp Renovation handles the pre-construction process seamlessly while providing much convenience and quality for your renovated space. They take a 3D scan of your entire home, which reveals significant data such as measurements and object placement. Then, their developed AI can generate designs and layouts for these spaces, ultimately providing you with a fantastic personalized solution.

Skipp’s technology is truly one of a kind, as it generates hundreds of possible layout variations on how your specific kitchen can look! These options are then narrowed down to your preferences. Things like budget, cooking space, storage, and entertainment are all taken into consideration. Skipp provides designers and architects that oversee this process, which makes this a truly tailored experience.

The platform is able to speed up several production processes, including renderings and design, and construction documents. Without Skipp, this is a long and grueling process that can take as long as 70 hours!

With Skipp, you won’t have to worry about if a renovation will fit your budget. Skipp provides the costs upfront, so you can make the best personal decisions about your particular space. This is very helpful when you’re restrained to a tight budget, or simply want to save money. Who wouldn’t want to make intelligent financial decisions when given the right information?

Plus, a kitchen renovation is made easy when you attain access to a design library. Here you have a selection of designs created by talented designers and architects, where you can analyze various appearances. This is great when envisioning your brand-new kitchen. You can also customize these looks and select the materials that you wish to have.

Later in the process, once plans have been finalized and the selection process has been completed, you will be partnered up with an interior designer from Skipp. This ally will provide you with support during the renovation. Additionally, detailed construction-ready documents are provided and can be submitted to the contractor. With these plans, you are sure to receive competitive bids!

If you are desiring a kitchen renovation, Skipp is a great tech startup that offers unmatched architectural technology. In the end, you save a lot of time and money, while experiencing fewer complications.

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