Location intelligence and analysis software

Location Intelligence & Analysis Software Provided by StateBook

StateBook’s all-inclusive location intelligence software allows for proper analysis and business decisions for your enterprise.

Making big decisions like choosing the best opportunity to invest, or approving the feasibility of a project can be a tricky thing to do. With an accurate and reliable location intelligence and analysis software, smarter decisions can be made regarding your enterprise.

Our tech partner, StateBook, provides you with the necessary tools to ensure your business success. The platform helps in many different aspects. One of them being platform subscriptions. With this tool, you are able to search and filter through different locations, allowing you to compare and weigh the pros and cons of focusing on investment or resources in each area of the United States.

These subscriptions will also include tailored reports that utilize helpful data such as microsites, and maps, as well as a comparison tool. Not to mention, the platform will assist in capturing certain data you need to generate reports that are personalized to your project.

StateBook’s API can be integrated into your own software and platforms when you decide to license them. Additionally, the platform has a team of professionals that can offer assistance when it comes to understanding what locations are best for your projects.

StateBook offers different packages depending on your needs. These include a per report tier, an annual subscription tier, or an enterprise solution package. So you can choose which would be the best suited for your enterprise and needs.

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