EineStadt Software

Optimize and Automate Work Processes with EineStadt

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is how EinseStadt captures data

Cities and companies need simple and secure asset management systems to digitize and streamline their processes. ReWyre has a new technology provider, EineStadt. A property management solution that digitally documents all city or company-wide maintenance including sewage, playgrounds, streetlights, meters, manholes, hydrants, and many more.

Public administrative tasks like maintaining city parks, roads, and city lights can be automated and digitized quickly and efficiently using EineStadt software. The EineStadt system is already in place in numerous cities, and the data that EineStadt receives is processed, analyzed, and documented from anywhere in the world using cloud technology. This easy access to data means that work processes can be optimized, and errors are minimized because everyone has consistant data updated in real-time.

What makes EineStadt stand out as a software solution is its ability to fit the needs of a city or company with tailor-made applications. This flexibility allows the software to be used countless ways to solve security and efficiency problems across industries. Furthermore, they are dedicated to the concept of ease of use and provide inclusive access with tools like speech recognition and a thoughtful pen input for those who work with gloves.

The software also provides ways to get citizens involved. For instance, if a person sees that a traffic light isn’t working correctly, they don’t have to download an app; they simply scan the Near-Field Communication chip (NFC chip) attached to the object to report the damage or problem directly. These issues are documented, and a ticket is placed. Once the issue is resolved, the citizen will be alerted with a response of a job well done.

EineStadt takes security seriously. Their systems used in traffic safety, are guaranteed to be legally compliant, and are forgery-proof. Their software can be used as a security management system and provide data up to the second when an inspector documents his observation via the NFC chip. It can be used to prove compliance with traffic safety.

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has been used in credit cards and smartphones for many years and can be trusted. The NFC chips are also weather-proof and can be attached to all kinds of objects with a life-span of 10+ years. They don’t need a battery and are maintenance-free. If a chip is moved or no longer in the right place, the EineStadt software will inform the user with the specific location data so it can be placed back where it belongs.

We are excited to showcase this innovative technology from EineStadt on the ReWyre platform and look forward to all the applications for its use. If you enjoyed this article, please sign up for our ReWyre newsletter and check out more proptech blogs here.