Rainstick sustainable shower

RainStick: Re-Inventing The Way You Shower

Turn your bathroom into a smart oasis with water-efficiency solutions

Showers have been an essential part of our daily lives for centuries. But now, thanks to RainStick, showering has become a whole new experience that is more customized, sustainable, and cost-effective.

RainStick is a wireless shower system that recirculates the water used during a shower in real time. With Rainstick, you can customize your ideal shower with just the right amount of water flow and temperature control.

This innovative technology promises to revolutionize how people take showers by providing a safe and personalized experience for every user. It's designed to be easy to use, making it accessible for everyone, from children to adults. Plus, it's incredibly energy efficient - saving you money on your monthly bills and helping the environment simultaneously!

This circular shower system doesn’t just recycle the water in a loop. According to the RainStick website, “before the water is reused, it goes through a 3-stage cleaning process, starting with a micron filter that removes bigger debris like hair and dirt. Next, the water is refreshed with a small amount of hot water to flush out soap and shampoo products. Finally, the water is hit with UV-LED to disinfect it from viruses and bacteria.”

RainStick is changing the way we think about showers and making them more sustainable. If you're looking for a technology that will make your showers remarkable, consider giving RainStick a try today! You can find the showers available on their website with orders shipping starting in June 2023.

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