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Real Estate and Energy: Merging Two Industries Into One

Strategically placed sensors will create sustainable smart cities

Renewable energy has been one of the slowest industries to grow in the past few decades. With increasing proptech innovations for the future, the real estate industry shows growth opportunities by providing efficient energy to its properties.

The global building construction market continues to proliferate, intensifying the need for innovative solutions to meet net zero targets in both new and renovating existing buildings. It’s no longer a question that an industry that generates a big portion of global emissions should adapt to climate risks to ensure a sustainable tomorrow. Cognizant of the enormous task and opportunity before them, CRE has already begun the work of building a greener economy. Much of this work has been focused on investments in renewable energy, electric vehicle production, and battery technology.

Real Estate is uniquely positioned to be a big part of the solution to mitigate its impact on global emissions. Significant reductions in embodied (building) and operational (energy) carbon emissions can be achieved with existing cost-effective technologies. ReWyre’s tech partner, SensGreen, provides an IoT platform for making properties energy efficient.

SensGreen is an IoT company in the HVAC segment that provides smart building solutions for a healthier and more efficient built environment. SensGreen's solutions can be utilized for a wide range of applications such as energy efficiency, sustainability scoring, employee productivity improvement, digital transformation, facility management efficiency, data-driven decision towards maintenance or replacements, and BMS & HVAC improvements– eliminating inefficiencies and optimizing building management.

Tracking and monitoring performance is integral to achieving any goal, especially in sustainability measures. Building energy efficiency in today’s built environment means affordably conducting uninterrupted monitoring and analysis. Facility management teams can follow their building’s performance and conditions using the SensGreen platform. The platform visualizes an overview of the real-time energy consumption with the other requirements in the building, such as temperature & humidity points, indoor air pollution, occupancy levels, door/ window opening positions & counts on 2D/3D floor plan of the building. SensGreen deploys IoT sensors across buildings to provide companies with real-time insight into energy consumption and distribution, maintenance, air quality, thermal comfort, and occupancy. No matter the size of the building portfolio, building data can be accessed from anywhere.

Real Estate has the most to gain from renewable energy, and ReWyre’s ecosystem of proptech providers works on delivering the technological advancements buildings need to operate with any demands efficiently. Request a demo today to join the proptech community. Please follow the ReWyre blog and sign up for newsletter to keep up on all things proptech.