Smart buildings

Revamping ‘Smart’ Buildings to be ‘Future-Ready’

Where ‘smart’ isn’t enough, buildings should be made to anticipate the evolving demand of the future

With properties changing the skyline, and the rise of a more user-centric community, proptech is allowing both the new and old to keep up with technological advancements. ReWyre’s tech partner, Techmenity is on a mission to build smarter cities and healthier communities by controlling their environments through ownership and customization of tech.

Techmenity is a Technology General Contractor (TEchGC) that provides technology property management, network design, and IoT installation for commercial, mixed-use, and multifamily projects. Serving as the central hub for proptech systems and partners, TechGC curates smart building solutions based on a deep understanding of the end-user's needs, realities, and expectations around technology.

Understanding the value of investing in tech infrastructure is essential for the optimal success of a building. A future-ready building has a ‘smart’ focus on adaptability, keeping cybersecurity and occupant experience, health, and community in mind. TechGC fills a critical void in the construction industry and ensures any smart building performs as envisioned through non-invasive upgrades —ultimately creating a more responsive environment. It simplifies the nuances of multi-vendor management and streamlines workflow, improving the overall design-build process.

Techmenity is a ReWyre technology provider that has simplified the implementation of smart technology in buildings for generations to come. Follow our blog and sign up for the ReWyre newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest proptech news.