Smart Building

Smart Building Technology

Connected, smart buildings are more energy efficient and elevate occupancy experience

How smart is your building? Developers are looking for ways to improve the lives of occupants in their buildings, and our ReWyre tech provider Buildings IOT is here to help.

IoT is a term that means “the internet of things” and references the integration of physical technology with sensors and processing ability that connect with other devices over the internet to exchange data. Buildings IOT offers solutions in building automation systems that seamlessly integrate and produce data that can be used to improve energy efficiency and functionality.

Buildings IOT provides master systems integration that combines access control, plumbing, HVAC, and lighting systems to offer a smarter, healthier building by sharing data and upgrading operations. They provide proactive repairs, so their system will have little to no downtime with regular data-driven maintenance.

The technology collects and formats the received data, so it is easy to analyze and share. Their data transformation is automated which provides higher data quality. To get the fastest data connectivity, they suggest installing a fiber optic backbone network. The data infrastructure design is made to be scalable by utilizing hybrid, private, or public cloud technology so that a massive amount of data can be accessed anywhere in the world quickly and easily.

Finally, the systems are highly secured, tested, and vetted with approved technology. Buildings IOT works with new and existing construction projects so developers can make all their buildings smarter and more connected. They have worked in the built environment industry since the 90s and early 2000s, starting with Direct Digital Controls before their Master System Integrators. Their dedication to developing, integrating, and installing technology-enabled solutions for smart buildings is recognized by developers worldwide.

ReWyre is excited to offer future-focused Buildings IOT technology via our ReWyre platform. Their systems are scalable, secure, and energy-efficient, providing comfort and peace of mind to occupants and building managers. If you enjoyed this article, please follow our ReWyre blog and sign up for our newsletter to learn more about proptech.