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Smart City Emergency Alert System: Pocketstop

Nothing is more important than safety when it comes to smart city technology

Building a smart city comes with challenges, and ensuring homes and businesses stay secure is at the top of the list. The Emergency Alert System, Pocketstop, is taking the texting messaging platform to the next step.

When faced with an unexpected threat, whether in the act of nature or a security breach, ReWyre’s tech partner, Pocketstop, provides a solution to the unknown. Pocketstop is a communication software solutions company that empowers companies to create personalized, automated messages designed to provide rapid ROI and improve B2C companies.

PocketStop pioneered texting messaging software before smartphones existed. Establishing its first messaging platform in 2006, Pocketstop continues to innovate its platform to efficiently provide clients with solutions to increase productivity with the latest technology. The latest addition, RedFlag by Pocketstop, was designed as a mass notification system to deliver real-time multi-channel alerts -presenting smart technology to avert a crisis.

During a business disruption, of all business continuity and recovery strategies, nothing matters more than restoring business functions. RedFlag promotes organization resilience and assures continued business operations with multi-channel mobile capabilities, allowing access from anywhere. The all-in-one suite provides timely event updates and instructions, faster resolutions to emergencies, and lets you quickly identify who requires help by rapidly informing people of critical situations through real-time visibility via two-way communications.

The external communication system keeps businesses online and limits interruptions when internal networks are down or throttled by the unexpected. Smart city secured.Through ReWyre’s technology partners like Pocketstop, businesses can access their technological needs efficiently. To join the ReWyre community, request a demo through Follow our Proptech journey through our Blog.