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Smart Glass Technology for Privacy and Sustainability

Smart glass is changing the way we think about privacy

Now you can have privacy right at your fingertips with smart glass that tints with the weather, and indoor office spaces that can go from clear to opaque in seconds. There are a lot of ways that people are utilizing smart glass!


How would your life benefit from having the ability to go from clear glass to tinted glass in seconds? No more will you have to deal with pesky blinds or explain that you can’t have full privacy in your all-glass office or apartment. We want to introduce ElectraTint and View who have recently joined the ReWyre ecosystem as qualified tech providers.


View is a smart glass company that has created a sustainable way to capture and reflect the heat that naturally falls on buildings all year round. In fact, they use artificial intelligence to adjust the window tint in responseto the sun automatically. The energy used by the building is reduced significantly making this an amazing solution for buildings that want to go green.


Recently View smart glass was installed at Watershed, the 72,000sqft seven-story office building in Seattle, initial findings show that with the assistance of View smart glass, the building is using 25% less energy than code baselines. Zach Stevens who led the project as the sustainability consultant stated, “We had to dig into all the materials and products used on the project and make sure everything was sustainably sourced and nothing was on the so-called ‘red list’ of toxic or ecologically harmful materials, many of which are still widely used in construction”.


Another angle on smart glass, is ElectraTint, which provides an electrochromic glass film that goes from clear to opaque with the flip of a switch, remote, voice, or desktop tablet.  Privacy is deeply important to office workers, especially in co-working spaces where many companies are in the same open space. Hospitals also benefit from this revolutionary privacy technology and finally, the tenant living in all-glass buildings will love getting the privacy they crave quickly and conveniently.


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