Halio smart glass

Sophisticated Smart Glass by HALIO

HALIO's advanced smart glass solution for your buildings

As smart buildings are being built more frequently, it is a clear sign that the future of real estate points towards proptech.

Several of these structures tend to look quite sophisticated in their design. Although, what exactly forms an elegant building? Well, there are several aspects to this, its architecture, form, color palette, but especially its windows. The windows of a building can really add a state-of-the-art touch to it. Although, did you know smart windows can not only look graceful but also adds functionality to your property?

One of our many proptech partners, HALIO, provides one of the best smart glasses in the market.

The thing is, HALIO glass displays as natural glass, but as soon as the sun starts to shine too bright or gets too hot, the tint darkens to gray. This is done in about 3 minutes, which is 10x faster than other electrochromic windows.

Unlike other smart glasses that only have a few select shades, HALIO has an unlimited amount of gray shades to align with the unlimited shades of daylight. This is especially desirable, as you feel quick relief from the glare of the intense sun rays that can be blinding and uncomfortable.

In other types of electrochromic glass, you will often see the glass as a yellow tone in its clear state, and a bright blue when it is blocking sunlight. Outdated glass also seems to have faulty visual effects, such as curtain, binocular, or wavy patterns.

Instead, HALIO’s glass distinguishes itself by using the most modern electrochromic technology to display seamless gray shades, which can block up to 99.9% of visible light for the extra privacy that is usually desired. It has no wonky visual effects and creates clear viewing.

There are many more benefits to buying HALIO’s smart glass for your buildings. Do you find that it is difficult to find and obtain proptech for your building? ReWyre is the best proptech platform that makes it easy to find the latest technology and devices that will modernize your property. If you would like to receive the latest updates and information on the industry, consider signing up for our newsletter.