Telosa Network Provides Seamless Connectivity

Tenants require connectivity to ensure they can access the internet and more quickly and easily

Digital solutions allow for a more livable future, and as cities get smarter, they become more responsive. Today, cities are moving beyond the pilot stage of proptech implementation and using data and digital technologies to deliver more relevant and meaningful results to residents. For a future-ready city, a smart foundation in buildings is key to the success of "smart-city" building.

As we have noticed, technology has become the primary focus of our everyday lives —being injected more directly into the lives of residents. Smartphones have become the keys to the city, putting instant information about transit, health, safety alerts, and community news into the hands of millions. Yet, we are seeing only a preview of what technology could eventually do in the urban environment. Companies like our tech partner, Telosa Networks, are working to deliver a more connected community.

Telosa Network is USA's fastest 400Gbps local network that uses cutting edge computing to deliver dedicated internet & cloud connectivity around cities and counties. Connected to the data center, Telosa's network enables "Digital Twin" to serve city planners, leaders, public safety, and more. Its Cloud-Based Network (both Web 3.0 & Metaverse Ready) is available as a hyper-scale & edge network for Commercial Real Estate (CRE), businesses, and cities, bringing data-controlled equipment to interact with the physical world.

Smart cities need Telosa as the foundation network to help streamline city operations. Its digital network is made for cities; capable of connecting many applications: street lights, cameras, sensors, robots, drones, and more. Telosa uses a mix of technologies to deliver gigabits of connectivity to buildings' rooftops meaning a smarter infrastructure —no digging, less traffic, and fewer CO2 emissions, seamlessly providing more connection to the city and ensuring increased uptime. Putting sustainable cities to mind, Telosa’s cloud network is said to increase building value by 5-10%, reduce cost and CO2 emissions, and ultimately increase safety. According to their data analysis, Telosa can help cut its CO2 contribution by 90%, ultimately putting a curb on cities and buildings as significant contributors to CO2 gas emissions.

Data and digital technology may help to make better decisions by understanding how demand patterns change. With real-time data, companies can respond faster and with lower-cost solutions. The smart solutions that ReWyre's tech partners offer can improve multiple aspects of the quality of life in cities. Check out more of our technology partners by visiting, and follow our blog for more proptech news.