SmartBuilding App

The Mobile Property Management System for You - SmartBuilding

SmartBuilding is a mobile property management system and communications platform to make everyday tasks digitalized.

As a property manager, there are several significant tasks that need to be taken care of, such as connecting with your tenants and effectively managing your property. Without prioritizing these responsibilities, your property can fall by the wayside. Keeping a positive and connected environment can be aided with the correct tools.

SmartBuilding is both a communication platform and proptech management application. Its tools can be used on a daily basis to seamlessly perform your responsibilities via digital means.

The app has four main features, which include tenant communication, facilities management, smart asset management, and IoT & utilities aspects.

Your tenants will appreciate a platform where they can directly communicate with their property managers. By using the SmartBuilding app, they can view community news and its bulletin board, receive security alerts, vote electronically, book into property facilities, and receive special community offers.

On your end, you will be able to manage your community database as well as view analytics. The app allows you to integrate electrical and water readings, so you can be sure to make smart decisions when it comes to utility management.

SmartBuilding allows for other digitally efficient management utilities, such as asset management. Here you can track your leases, access an asset registry, and attach key documents like asset warranties or insurance certificates. The app will notify you of any foul play with fraud protection, so you can have a peaceful state of mind.

Other significant features of the app include building and facilities management. Where it makes it really easy to create contracts from anywhere using your mobile device. You can share documents of your building, produce contact details of your property, and more.

Lastly, SmartBuilding has the capability to connect with any IoT device, so you will seamlessly attain information like electricity or water usage data on your mobile. Of course with useful data coming from your IoT devices, you will surely make smarter decisions that will save energy on your property.

ReWyre partners with fantastic proptech partners like SmartBuilding, that allow building owners and developers to increa their property value and grow connections with tenants.

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