Security system

Verkada - A Smarter Security System

Verkada offers a seamless security system that can be managed all from one platform

Having a secure environment is one of the top priorities many companies have. Having your workers and guests feel safe is important, and keeping your operations and property protected is also very significant.

The use of security cameras and systems can be a tremendous utility in keeping your vicinity secured. Who wouldn’t want remote viewing of their property? You may even desire additional security by using gadgets like sensors or alarms. Usually, buying extra security devices comes with different software you need to use to view and manage devices. This can make security management a bit of a hassle.

Trying to keep up with different programs, and various software can be a headache when trying to secure your property. Ideally, you want full viewing and access to your security tools all from one place.

This is made possible by our partner, Verkada.

Verkada is a cloud-managed security solution, that allows you to access a range of security tools and functions all from one platform, Command. You can manage many of Verkada’s devices from Command, including video security cameras, door-based access control, environmental sensors, alarms, visitor management software, and mailroom management.

Command is web-based and can be accessed using any browser of your choice. Verkada cameras are smoothly connected to the platform and grant you cloud-based access, which allows you to monitor events in real time.

Impressively, you can store up to 365 days of video, which can be viewed by other members of your team. You may also request on-demand professional monitoring, which is done by Verkada’s agents based in the U.S.

Verkada’s sensors are able to observe environmental changes, such as humidity, temperature, motion, and several other insights. Environmental monitoring may be necessary when it comes to property management. Verkada’s sensors are able to measure noise levels, so you will be notified whenever there is excessive noise levels. You can also receive more information in terms of how your space is being occupied and used.

There is so much more to their tools and equipment that will provide you with the greatest security technology. If you would like to learn more about how Verkada can better protect you, your team, and your property, visit Verkada’s website and request a live demo.

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