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Wireless Water Leak Detection - Prevent Water Waste with Shayp

Using Shayp’s wireless water leak detection sensor will prevent water waste in your properties

Have you been experiencing issues with your water pipes or noticed that your water bill is high? Did you know that you can resolve both issues, while also creating a sustainable smart building that can benefit the world around you?

The solution is implementing a wireless water leak detection sensor.

Not just any water leak sensor, but an AI-based water system that equips you with informative data, to make smarter decisions for you and your community.

One of our real estate technology partners, Shayp, provides a non-invasive tool that seamlessly connects to your water pipes and accurately gauges unforeseen water waste. The impressive solution allows you to access water meter indexes through remote means.

With Shayp, you get real time information about your properties’ water efficiency. This information can be seamlessly accessed through desktop and mobile software programs. The comprehensive data easily informs those that need this information, such as operators, occupants, and technicians. By anticipating things like cost of plumbing as well as potential damage, Shayp can help save future costs and potential operational headaches.

Shayp can be deployed in all kinds of properties, including multi-residential, hospitality, retail and commercial sites, public organizations, universities, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, transportation operations and many others. With Shayp, you are also able to manage numerous properties and meters at the same time, helping drive positive change and better operational performance across whole portfolios and communities.

Mitigate future costs, improve operational efficiency and help conserve the planet. If you want to know more about Shayp and how it can benefit you, visit their website and book a demo.

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