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Xeal - EV Charging Solutions

EV charging solutions by Xeal are a better protocol for smart cities

You may already know that electrical vehicles (EV’s) will play a big role in the future. EV’s contain batteries that are emission-free and they don’t release CO2 gases which negatively impact the environment. The use of electrical vehicles will be a progressive solution towards an eco-friendly and sustainable time ahead.

A look at Bloomberg’s EVO 2022 report displays a clear pattern of increase in electric vehicle sales. Of course, as EV sales are on the rise, charging stations are increasingly being implemented worldwide.

Let's start with the basics, EV charging stations appeal to progressive and tech communities. Having them placed by your buildings is a fantastic way to attract these kinds of people, and can capture the eye of many passerby's. Ultimately, inviting a lot of clientele into your buildings.

As progressive as EV charging stations are, providers of these devices are not all the same and offer different forms of this technology. Our ReWyre technology partner, Xeal, provides a new and powerful way of managing your EV charging system.

Xeal optimizes the EV charging experience for you and your consumers. The prominent perk of this experience is the ability to charge your car without the internet. Its offline system processes fifty times faster and is completely reliable, saving you from spending money on another network, and maximizing ROI.

The company offers a driver's app that encourages autonomous handling, letting go of the need for staff or alternative assistance. As technology becomes a quicker, more efficient, and independent experience, Xeal furthers this process by encouraging a self-managed future.

Not only that, Xeal provides a fantastic way for providers to adjust and manage their EV chargers through several methods. Various options are offered so you can select the proper device that is right for your budget and parking space.

As a provider, you are allowed to set the rate of charging cost for your consumers. Also, you will be surprised to know that Xeal optimizes electrical costs by 70%!

As we progress into the future, more useful and sustainable proptech devices are released that innovate the industry and benefit providers, consumers, and the environment as a whole. If you are interested in learning more about Xeal’s EV charging solutions, read about it on their website.

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