biometric access control system

Your Eyeball is Biometric Access Control

Now you can use your eyeball for biometric access control systems

Kids often show off mastering their bicycle by removing their hands from the handle bars.  Well now, workers no longer need to use their hands to unlock doors when moving about their office.  Touchless face & palm recognition door access controllers have arrived!  These advanced devices provide far better security than traditional metal keys and badges.  And these devices can ensure no more accidental lockouts.  By using Face & palm biometric technology, these devices completely eliminate the need to carry keys & badges, or memorize passcodes.  All you need do to unlock a door is simply glance at the device’s camera or wave your palm in front it.  If you have authorization, the device will unlock the door.  

Our tech provider ZKTeco designs & manufactures a variety of these touchless devices which can unlock a door after recognizing an authorized person’s phone (using a Bluetooth signal or QR codes) or biometric identifier (face and/or palm).  These devices can additionally include a thermal & mask detection sensor to ensure only visitors with acceptable skin temperature and who are properly wearing a mask are permitted door access.  This ensures both safety & security for everyone inside the building.

Businesses large & small can benefit from touchless biometric and mobile phone door controllers.  The devices are not that expensive and they eliminate the ongoing cost of replacing badges every time an employee loses, forgets or their badge is stolen.  If you’re not aware, there is also a global supply chain crisis.  The biggest suppliers of badges are unable to produce and ship the badges.  The good news is that when using biometrics, your face and palm are always available . . . or we hope so.  Also, no unauthorized personnel can borrow or steal your face or palm . . . we REALLY hope so!

ZKTeco was the biometric access control provider of choice for Pure Pharma, an Arkansas-based pharmaceutical company. There is a lot of risk in the pharmaceutical industry for the creation of counterfeit drugs and strict controls around keeping the ingredients in drugs secret.  In their case study, ZKTeco was challenged with creating a robust access control system that would allow ONLY authorized personnel to gain limited access to specific floors and rooms.

‍Pure Pharma specifically chose the ZKTeco Atlas Biometric Access Control System. This system uses fingerprint readers to guarantee that credentials would not be shared among staff members. The Atlas interface allows management to grant access to sensitive work areas as needed. Access control not only provides security but also can have wellness applications.

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